About Caesar

We are on a mission to help companies improve their sustainability performance through simplifying their internal data collection processes and are excited to grow our team to accomplish this. We are close to running pilots of our beta product based on months of product design and iteration.

The Opportunity

We’re looking for a highly motivated software engineer to join the team as a co-founder and help us bring our product to market. In this role you will work directly with the founder to transcribe the business needs into design, development, and production of our platform. We have made considerable progress on our beta product and your key responsibilities will be building out our product's capabilities and constantly monitoring our beta users experiences and what high-demand features we should prioritize building.

About the Team

The team currently consists of the founder, Connor Cash, and a set of advisors from BlackRock, BlackLine, and the University of Toronto providing expertise on corporate sustainability, software architecture, and sustainability research respectively.

The founder, Connor, recently finished his MBA from Harvard, where he was the student association co-president and received the Dean's award for service to the school and society, and his undergraduate degree is in Engineering Physics with distinction from Cornell. Connor's most recent experience is in internal entrepreneurship at Applied Materials and, before his MBA, he was a private equity investor in clean energy industry for two years.

Connor began laying the foundation for starting Caesar in the fall of 2019, while still at Harvard, where through a course he was able to interview ESG investors and began to understand the deep-rooted pains associated with ESG data. From there, he began speaking with companies who generated sustainability reports to better understand their pain points, and in early 2020 he decided to commit to working on Caesar after graduation.

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How to Apply

Does this role sound like a good fit? Email me at [email protected]